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Savor Top Quality Boars Head Cold Cuts

In addition to our freshly made bagels, you can rest assured that we utilize only the best quality ingredients, including Boars Head.



Enjoy our lunch sandwiches on our variety of bagels, wheat, white or rye bread, Portuguese roll or on a wrap

Egg Salad 3.95
Tuna Salad 4.95
Chicken Salad 4.95
BLT 3.74
Virginia Ham 4.89
Oven Gold Turkey 4.89
Roast Beef 5.50
Pastrami 5.50
Roasted Chicken Breast 4.89
Add Cheese
American, Sharp Cheddar, Monterey Jack,
Swiss, Muenster or Provolone



Lunch Menu | New Brunswick, NJ | Hole In The Walls Bagels | 732-247-0101

Delivery 8AM to 2PM Everyday



Comes with a pickle while they last. Missing numbers indicate a retired sandwich

#1 Crazy Sam
Toasted Onion Bagel with turkey, Melted Vermont Cheddar topped with jalapeño peppers. Served with a cool ranch dipping sauce on the side.
#2 The Weekend Recovery
Grilled Virginia Ham, melted American cheese topped with thinly sliced green peppers & tomato with Russian dressing. Served on a Portuguese roll.
#3 Whatcha Call It?!
Tuna Salad with sliced onion, tomato & melted cheddar on a Portuguese roll.
#4 The All-American Chicken Wrap
Boars head roasted chicken breast in a wrap with lettuce tomato & ranch dressing.
Add Bacon on this Guy 1.50
#6 Turkey BLT
Turkey BLJ on a toasted, plain bagel with mayo.
#7 Mark's Favorite Sandwich
Turkey topped with coleslaw & Thousand Island dressing on a sesame bagel.
#8 BBG Chicken Sandwich
A chicken cheesesteak with BBQ sauce, lettuce & tomato
#9 Scarlet Cowboy
Scrambled egg & extra American cheese with blended Italian breadcrumbs, diced green & red peppers & onions on a toasted, plain bagel.


*Prices Subject to Change



#11 Heart Failure
2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices bacon, 2 slices of pork roll, 2 sausage patties, cheese, mayo, ketchup & hot sauce.
#12 "Egg" cellent
Egg Salad on whole wheat bread with lettuce, tomato & thinly sliced green peppers.
#13 Party on the Hill
Smoked Nova Lox with onion, tomato & cream cheese on a plain bagel.
#14 Just What the Doctor Ordered
Hot deluxe roast beef with grilled onions, melted Monterey Jack cheese, hickory-smoked BBO sauce & Romaine lettuce on a Portuguese roll.
#16 Nervous Breakdown
Oven gold Turkey, Virginia ham, swiss, cheese, Russian dressing & tomato on a plain bagel.
#l7 The Double Griller
Whole wheat bread grilled & layered with melled American & Muenster cheese Crispy Bacon & fresh tomato grilled to perfection. Give us some time for this one.
#19 Slowly Going Crazy
How Sam got his start. Chicken Salad with grilled red peppers served on a White Wrap.
#23 The Expeditionist
Hot Pastrami travels to meet Jack (Monterey) on grilled rye bread to talk about some cool, coleslaw and Russian dressing.


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